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Special Care Planning

Our Special Care Planning Team at Citi Field for “Disability Awareness Night” on May 8, 2013. Each member received the “NY Mets Spirit Award” in honor of their long-term service to special needs families.

Disabilities impact a large segment of the population and include everything from hearing and sight loss to needing around-the-clock critical care. For people with disabilities, health issues are only the beginning of the concerns that must be understood and addressed. Whether these individuals have a developmental, physical or mental disability, they require various levels of specialized planning on matters such as their financial wellbeing, legal issues and future care. Life’s challenges extend into many areas including earning and supplementing an income, creating a safe and accessible living environment, fulfilling special equipment needs, obtaining the extra help needed to get an education, and increasing personal independence.

If you are caring for a person with special needs – a spouse, child, sibling, dependent parent, other relative or friend – you should consider the SpecialCareSM program. It was developed exclusively by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and is offered through MassMutual Long Island Metro.

MassMutual Long Island Metro is a financial services firm, dedicated to helping its clients reach their full financial potential. Our mission is not one of product, but of process. Here, we believe in a hands-on approach. Although we often employ traditional financial services, our primary practice as the Special Care Planning Team is to help prepare and protect families that have members with disabilities.

It is essential for us, as members of the Special Care Planning Team at MassMutual Long Island Metro, to understand the challenges and achievements of those with special needs and their families. By focusing on the goals of our clients, our program aims to develop the most effective and appropriate planning for an encouraging and prosperous today... and tomorrow.

Contact our Special Care Planning Team:
Mitchell Weisbrot, MWeisbrot@FinancialGuide.com or 516-682-3391

*Licensed, not practicing on behalf of MassMutual or MML Investors Services, LLC.